America’s First 100 Year-Old Potato Chip Company

Press Release

Leominster, MA – October 10, 2008

It was 100 years ago when J.P. Duchesneau first started peddling his “Tri-Sum” homemade potato chips by horse & wagon along an 8 mile route through Central Massachusetts . Four generations later, the potato chips with the nifty name proudly endure as a New England tradition.

The potato chip has come along way since it was first invented in Saratoga Springs, New York by Chef George Crum (no pun intended). And no one knows this better than the Duchesneau Family, who has weathered the ups and downs of the salty snack industry for the last century. “When I think of how many challenges we had to overcome and how many times we have had to reinvent ourselves, it makes reaching this milestone anniversary all the more special”, said Jeff Duchesneau, fourth generation owner/operator. Tri-Sum’s loyal customer base agrees. A recent customer post on their website reads “My mother and I both agree that if we could only have one food item for the rest of our lives, Tri-Sum would be it…hands down. Thank you guys for continuing to make the best chips on the planet” signed Justin. And Justin’s not the only devoted fan, the Tri-Sum company has shipped product to over 40 states in the last two years, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan.

This year Tri-Sum officially became America’s first 100 year-old first potato chip company and in honor of the anniversary the company will be donating a replica of their original horse & wagon to the City of Leominster on Saturday, October 11 at 1:30 pm at Sholan Farms. The mayor of Leominster will receive the gift on behalf of the city and there will be free chips for those in attendance.

While many potato chip companies have come and gone, Tri-Sum has stood the test of time. Perhaps it’s the bags red, white and blue colors that bond Tri-Sum with that indelible American spirit of perseverance and longevity, or perhaps it’s the family business work ethic that inspires so many small enterprises everywhere to overcome obstacles and succeed. Either way Tri-Sum snack lovers are celebrating the historic centennial of this New England icon. To learn more about the company or to “Tri-Sum” for yourself, please visit

More information and interviews are available by contacting Jeff Duchesneau at or Dick Duchesneau at 978-697-2447.